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Keep Your Family Safe

Keep Your
Family Safe

Bring some light to your basement, add value to your home, and keep your family safe. That is what Safe Egress Company is all about

Bring some light to your basement, add value to your home, and keep your
family safe. That is what Safe Egress Company is all about

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Safe Egress Company provides your home with various value-increasing solutions. Our specialty, however, is increasing the safety of your home. Please read about our products or call to learn more!

Egress Windows

Clam | Bilco Doors

Basement Doors

Driveway & Patio Installation

Safe Egress Company also provides excellent driveway or patio installation services. Build a new patio space for your home or revamp your current patio or driveway with our services. Call or click to learn more.

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Emergency Basement Escape Solution

Egress Windows

Egress windows give enclosed and underground spaces an emergency way out. Additionally, the size of the windows provides much-needed illumination, and on top of that, it adds incredible value to your home. Call our specialist and see what we can do to keep your family safe.

Clam door services in New York

Clam | Bilco Doors

Clam and Bilco basement doors are a great addition to any home. They provide easy access to get in heavy or oversized objects in or out without going through the front door and down those dangerous and tight stairs. Call to learn more about the different benefits each type of door has.

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Basement Entryway Services In New York

Basement Doors

Need to turn your small basement door into its unique entryway? Our basement door installation services give your property first-class access to your basement for your family or tenants. Call to learn the different types of doors and finishes we can provide.

Home Imrpovement Services in New York

Patio Installation

Safe Egress Company also specializes in backyard hardscaping solutions. Need a new stone patio to go along with your pool or fireplace? Look no further than Safe Egress Company. We use the best materials, which ensure your investment looks good and lasts for a long time. Call today to learn more about our patio installation services in New York.

Ashpalt or Concrete installation Services in NY

Driveway Installation


Give your property a new look with a brand new driveway. Our specialists can also help you with restoration or driveway maintenance. Remember that our goal is to help protect your home and your investment!


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